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    Unarmed Executive Protection Australia, Asia and Beyond

    Unarmed executive protection in Australia can handle many types of dangerous situations very well. They can be just as effective as armed executive protection in most cases.

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  • Business & VIP Travel Security and Safety in Indonesia

    Indonesia Security - Business Travel Security and Safety

    Indonesia Security considerations should be taken seriously. Ranked as the 4th most populous country in the world, with a population of over 265 million, Indonesia is famous as a holiday destination but is becoming an increasingly important destination for business travellers.

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  • Stalking Isn’t Just a Celebrity Issue. One In Five Women Are Affected

    Stalker Security - One In Five Women Are Affected...

    Stalker Security : When we think of stalkers and death threats we tend to think of it as being a problem for high profile personalities or celebrities. Most situations involving ‘normal’ people rarely make the news unless the circumstances are drastic but it is a problem much more common that most of us realise.

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  • 12 000 to 15 000 People Held Captive Every Year

    12 000 to 15 000 People Held Captive Every Year...

    Are you aware that up to 2,000 people around the world are currently being held against their will in one form or another? Or that somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000 people a year are kidnapped for ransom or held hostage? The fact is, risk is ever present whoever and wherever you are, and being prepared to deal with a situation like detainment, kidnapping or surviving captivity can never be a bad thing.

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  • VIP_Drivers

    Secure Transport: How a Security Driver Increases Productivity for Executives

    Secure Transport : For many organisations, the return on investment for hiring a security driver for senior executives is judged to be high enough to justify the expense. One of the main reasons for this (though not the only one) is that transportation organised by a security company greatly increases the productivity of the executive and, in some cases, improves the results of the entire business trip.

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  • Getting the Edge on Life - Interview with Rhys Dowden

    Getting the Edge on Life - Interview with Rhys Dowden

    Can mindset really help travellers and security operatives respond safely to uncertain circumstances? This post summarises a podcast interview with former Australian Special Forces soldier and hostile environment security expert, Rhys Dowden about the benefits of a preparation mindset. He explains his holistic approach to confidence in any situation and his tips for getting the edge on life.

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  • Who Needs a Bodyguard and How Do You Hire One? - Part 2

    Who Needs a Bodyguard and How Do You Hire One? - Part 2

    Last week we published a blog post and podcast episode outlining the ins and outs of hiring a bodyguard or executive protection agent. In the second and final part of the series we look into the medical aspects of an engagement, the importance of local knowledge, some of the contractual details and what should happen before an engagement commences. At the end of this post you can also find a link to a free guide - How to Hire an Executive Protection Agent - that answers the questions in more detail. The guide also includes a cheat sheet with 37 questions you should ask before hiring a provider.

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  • Who Needs a Bodyguard and How Do You Hire One? - Part 1

    Who Needs a Bodyguard and How Do You Hire One? - Part 1

    For those who aren’t familiar with it, the task of hiring a bodyguard or executive protection agent can be overwhelming. Knowing whether you actually need one can be a mystery, let alone knowing what to look for. With that in mind, we recorded a couple of episodes of the Wheels Up Podcast where we covered what an executive protection agent or operative is, who might need one and how to go about selecting one.

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