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Panoptic Solutions with Panoptic Solutions Asia provides end-to-end, bespoke personal protection, with experienced personnel from elite military, paramedical and specialist law enforcement backgrounds.

Our services include corporate protection, bodyguards, travel and remote site health and safety, high profile and celebrity protection. Our holistic approach to your safety and security includes a tailored protection package that meets your needs and budget. Panoptic Solutions provides short notice protection services to clients worldwide.


Travel health, safety and security solutions by engaging a network of tested strategic partnerships across the globe.


  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Reduce
Risk is ever present; it’s knowing how to identify and mitigate it that will give you the corporate edge. Businesses that wish to capitalise on opportunities can ill afford to minimise their approach to risk management. At Panoptic Solutions our experienced risk consultants will provide you with a viable solution delivering professional, trusted and experienced advice to suit your business's unique situation. This ensures that our clients are given the best possible guidance under challenging circumstances.
'Panoptic Assessment' is the process we undertake prior to conducting a security task of any magnitude for our clients. Its the all encompassing (panoptic) approach to risk management to ensure all aspects of risk are mitigated where ever possible.
We reduce the threat of risk and harm to you, your family and employees by providing a team of experts and specialists who can operate in challenging and demanding environments. We have access to the vehicles, boats, aircraft and a global network of security specialists which ensures you are kept safe and productive no matter were you are.